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Faves from Pinterest: Version 1

18 Nov








DISCLAIMER: the images are not mine.


Randomness once again….

22 Oct
  • I don’t really listen to country music but Taylor Swift is my fave in that genre
  • Tired of hearing about Linsday Lohan. she keeps messing up her life, and missing work. in my opinion she should get kicked out of Hollywood and just focus on her life
  • Tired of all the politics commercials etc…
  • I see that YouTube STILL needs to improve their closed caption feature….
  • The Swagbucks app for the Kindle needs to be updated…

Randomness of the day….

19 Oct

Marlee Martin has a new iPhone app that teaches some basic ASL. Pretty cool

Huh? There’s a movie coming out that’s based on the hungry hippo game.. Oookayyyy
Also I think I saw a movie coming out based on Dora…
Finally watched children of the corn for the first time, not bad.
I’m sooooo burned out on chicken
Oh and I have grown to have a addiction to butterstoch and bacon bits. But not together lol
24 Sep

TV Lineup

21 Sep

Switched at Birth – Sept 3rd 8 pm ABC Family


Don’t Trust that b—- in Apt 23 -PREMIERE TUESDAY OCT 23 9:30 ABC


*How to live with your Parents- COMING IN 2013 ABC

2 Broke Girls premeries Sept 24 8:30 CBS

Dr Phil- Sept 10 CBS

Biggest Loser – ??? NBC

Oh boy…

5 Sep

is what I thought when read this Mashable post…  I was like whatever, nothing will beat Pinerest… then I clicked on the video preview.  Hmm. Then I clicked on the website’s link. Hmmm…. then I saw the Sign Up button, I thought why not give it a try. Signed up. First thing I noticed is the design is pretty good, wonderful GUI… and FRESH things on there that I havent seen on Pinterest yet. Well this site have caught my eye. already “loved” 20+ things in 30 mins. while Pinterest still have my vote still, and I have 1,406 pins, I might be pinned out. While I still have inspiration there at Pinterest, it’s time to add new inspiration at Love It. Give it a try!

Gotta remember, social media is always changing..

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