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Netflix marathon

27 Nov

Watching Payback, Mel Gibson is one of my fave actors. It was ok, 3/5

Have chili in the crockpot, can’t wait to eat. Yum!

Now watching We Were Soldiers, goose bumps. Teary eyes at the end… 4/5

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, off to a weird start. Ok this movie is just weird, this is why I didn’t watch it in the first place, still not finished with it…

To be continued….



16 Nov

still busy here, just wanted to pop in…

still finding new stuff for Windows 8 and iPhone both (appwise)

sad news, Twinkies may go out of business due to bankruptcy , this includes ding dongs and ho ho’s too. Grandma’s favorite is ding dong, she has one every night. i called her and she said “what will i do without ding dongs?” ” I’ll have to go back to Lil Debbie’s”

finally getting caught up with Greys, thanks to the Roku, makes it easier with a remote compared to the computer.

saw that Tim Burton is making his own version of Pinocchio. Hmmm not a fan of Tim Burton but we’ll see.

oh i watched  The Amazing Spiderman  the other day, I, myself thought it was better than the original


ok back to the Roku 🙂


Hello my name is lil’ Ms Busy Bee…

5 Nov

Been sooooooo busy lately, that’s why i haven’y posted anything in a while, that sucks because ended my daily posting streak 😦 but will get back in to it and i do want to keep this blog alive 🙂 so i present you with this:


PS thanks for the 400+ views in the short 4 months. It is greatly appreciated 🙂


Randomness of the day….

19 Oct

Marlee Martin has a new iPhone app that teaches some basic ASL. Pretty cool

Huh? There’s a movie coming out that’s based on the hungry hippo game.. Oookayyyy
Also I think I saw a movie coming out based on Dora…
Finally watched children of the corn for the first time, not bad.
I’m sooooo burned out on chicken
Oh and I have grown to have a addiction to butterstoch and bacon bits. But not together lol

Randomness: Movies to Watch

28 Sep

Parental Guidance

Monsters Inc 3D Dec 19

The Simpsons – the longest daycare yayaya

Wreck it Ralph- November 2

Paranormal Activity 4 Eekk


The Hobbit:the Unexpected Journey

Trouble with the curve

Cloud Atlas- Tom Hanks and it’s the name of my dog


The Breaking Dawn part 2 –just saw a better trailer,looks good!

Perfect Pitch – will watch anything with that actress from Bridesmaids

The Lucky One

17 Sep

just finished watching The Lucky One. Been looking forward to watching it since I heard it was going to be a movie shortly after I read the book

it was a good read and also a good movie!

  • I went ahead and ordered it On Demand (rare for me to use this) since Redbox didn’t have it.
  • Zac Efron is hot!!
  • all of the actors/actresses are perfect for their characters matches what I “pictured” when I read it.
  • the Keith character irks me.
  • felt like i was re reading the book as i watched the movie

this a must see!


16 Sep

I repeat,they come up with stupid movies these days hard to ind good ones these days

gotta do some java homework before the due date tomorrow, been too busy to get ahead.

gotta do housework today too, laundry and dishes. sucks to do them, but will feel better once it’s done

I want to move around the furniture, have to convince S/O to do so.

the dog needs a bath

cant wait to get new scrap goodies this week

looking forward to going to the pork festival this weekend

oo I have Invention on my DVR, plan to watch that

Beast of Southern Wild

10 Sep

I read a post about this movie and thought hmm might be good.

then today i tuned into the OWN channel and Oprah is doing a show about the movie

now i really want to watch it. looks really good.

the girl who plays hush puppy is adorable on the show!


Showing now in theaters and will be on DVD in Sept/Oct

Once again, the feature of the night is not CC….

8 Sep

Today I stopped at Redbox to what new movie they have… oohhh the stray, has a cute puppy on the cover, looks good. rented it

fast forward to this evening, popped the movie in…. annnnnnnnddd no subtitles. grrr.


2 Sep
  • I woke up a wee bit too early @ 5:45 am, maybe nap time in the future
  • watched Dr Phil
  • learned how to use extract tool in Photoshop Elements. Cool!!
  • started a scrap page
  • threw dinner in the crockpot….  (corn, kindey & chili beans, rice , v8, onions tomatoes, green peppers, worcestershire  sauce)
  • struggled with the scrap page, not loving it…
  • ohhh saw Raising Izzie is finally closed captioned, watched it (GMC channel)
  • next movie is Trinty Goodheart… watched it too,
  • still not loving the page. noticed when I do dog pages I have a hard time with it
  • made fruit slushy. yummy
  • comes back to the page and finally got satisfied with it!
  • now the Heartland is on GMC channel, looks good. Might have to start watching it.
  • now I’m off to do some more scrapping or work with Java…
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