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Feels like my mind has 4 wheels….

8 Nov

and it’s running fast. a bit overwhelmed here. just wanna to everything but can’t do it all at once, not enough time in the day. like I start to do something and keep getting distracted by things that pop up. hopefully I will be able to let some of that energy out asap

I got a new Roku, love it, haven’t really played with it tho (read above)

Then I got a new laptop thanks to my SO ❤ It was an early Christmas for me. Love it!! and loving Windows 8, I like the start page. it’s a bit different from all of the previous Windows. I’m still customizing it to my satisfaction,  hopefully I can so that soon… like tonight  (again read above)

One thing I wish Windows 8 had is a Facebook app and a lot others, but I’m sure they are still working on getting more apps into the Windows store.

Now I feel like that’s enough tech toys for now, iPhone, Kindle, Roku, lappy is plenty for me and top on that I have Netflix and Hulu etc…

ok.. now i’m gonna play now 🙂


Randomness: Facebook & Apps

27 Sep
  • The term “Kid Hater” seems a little harsh to me. wow. I understand some people don’t like kids and don’t want any of their own, that’s fine. but the term ‘Kid Hater’?? wow,  just wow! Kids are innocent human beings! Saw the term on a post about the new extension and post states that parents are offended by the extension.Well the title for that post offends me!
  • There’s no need for “Cheat Tools” for the games on Facebook. The developers of the games work hard to make beautiful GUI and keep the games running and updated, and provide it for FREE. So take that in thought and don’t rip them off.
  • When I first heard about Google+ coming out before it was released, I was excited. Thought it was the next new thing. I did my part and promoted it. Then it came out, I signed up andddd eh… all  my friends are still on Facebook, so Google + don’t do much for me so Facebook’s still # 1 for me! It does have good GUI
  • I downloaded My Book List… while it’s a great idea, i think it’s designed poorly, There’s no Home tab to go back to, Pictures are choppy and so on…
  • Two thumbs up for ShopSavvy! Has a barcode scanner, can make your own list, has a list of shopping deals and can shop directly from the app (which i haven’t tried yet but i will)


22 Sep

Every time I open Feedly, I see those cool deals on kids clothes or sippy cups and think ooh i wanna buy.Now I don’t have kids, true I can buy them for the kids in my family, and I spoil them plenty, but I want to be able to use it on MY (future) kids. makes me think, when I have a baby, i will have a reason to and will buy those cute things for my kids. for now I need to tell myself I don’t need those cute things now.

yesterday i downloaded a free e book for kindle- Green Smoothie Magic. looks good, plan to try some recipes in there

ofc i downloaded the new iOS6 yesterday and been playing with ever since. It feels like i got a new phone. ALOT of cool new apps and alot of improvements. this update will hold off my craving for the iPhone 5. will do a post on this topic soon. but the gist of it, LOVE IT!

two days before iOS6,i got my replacement kindle and played with it all day that day. Happy i got it replaced. this is my third kindle, as the other 2 had damaged screen on one and exploded battery (i think). i like my kindle, but if this one breaks, NO MORE kindle for me. experienced problems one too many.will switch to iPad after this one. on another note, i read that Walmart is planning to stop selling kindles, old and new versions


20 Sep
  • why do they come up with this pattern every year near the holidays, stuffies, cuddleUppets, dream lites, pillow pets? Pillow pets was enough as it’s the original
  • read that in 5-8 years, Facebook will be a thing of the past. well i know right now most of us cant live without Facebook. but there will be a next new thing by that time. just like MySpace was big, which now has faded
  • iOS 6 will be released on September 19th, for those who have iPhone and not planning to upgrade to iPhone 5 anytime soon
  • hmm i want buy a wireless charging pad for my iPhone
  • Windows 8 is to be released in October
  • There’s a chrome app for iPhone- downloading now, it’s cool!
  • there’s a new Chromebook coming out

Java is PITA!

19 Sep

a real PITA

i already failed this class once

but now i’m doing good

but i hit a wall with it

teacher said it’s trail and error

just like photoshop is

but  i have no real time to mess with trail and error for 6 weeks

my grade depends on it

i went to class last week to listen to the lecture to see of it will help

not really

the man sitting next to me was soooooooooooo frustrated

saying that he wants to change his major

then said no i want to figure this out

and kept going back and forth saying one of either thing

boy, he was really frustrated

like i said Java is a PITA!!!

but will get thru it!

Yep, That’s me!

6 Sep

“Only my girlfriend would find this much technology necessary to be using ALL at the sane time…..that’s five different things, HD TV, IPhone, two laptops, and a wireless keyboard!!! LMBO”
(picture and comment from S/O)
(sorry for the blurriness, you get the idea)

Randomness: Tech News

28 Aug
  • Facebook has an update for the app, and whoa, does look different. good, but different
  • Apparently Microsoft changed the window logo and eh, I like the previous one better. and they are getting ready for Windows 8
  • Oh boy, there’s Grand Theft Auto 5 coming out, shhhhh don’t tell my brother that lol
  • Word is that Facebook added a new GoTo  Timeline Feature on the chat, I don’t seem to have that feature yet but looks like a great add!
  • iOS 6 is coming this fall! can’t wait!

My Most Used iPhone Apps

18 Aug
  • Facebook well ofc!!
  • IMO chat– someone recommended it and it turned out to be a MUST have communication tool for me!
  • Redbox – I reserve all my movies from here.
  • Maps– so I can see where i’m going while going out of town.
  • PNC– check my account from here now instead of online.
  • BuzzCards– a must have esp at restaurants, beats pen and paper.
  • Camera+ =- my #1 camera app then the original Camera app. Like the effects and easier to add to Facebook
  • GetGlue– good for checking into tv shows & movies
  • Calculator– ofc!!
  • OneSafe– keeps all my passwords all in one place
  • Dropbox–  just found this, makes transferring pictures from iPhone to desktop easiers
  • Christmas!!–  know it’s early but started making list already, useful for Gift List
  • Pinerest ofc!!
  • and Flashlight

I only download apps that are GUI attractive and useful, all the apps that are designed  poorly don’t get  my vote 🙂

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