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A guide to a healthy me

26 Nov

Ugh so i gained all my weight back from what i lost 3 month- ish ago, sucks. blame the holiday season, i ate alot of mom’s sweet potato caserole because it was soooo good. Now i’m paying for it…so back to my diet again. My diet consists of  eating at 8 am, noon and 5 pm and stop for the day. moving around more and no sugar.

here’s some things i use as a reminder/motivation from Pinterest…


Disclaimer: Images are not mine


Faves from Pinterest: Version 1

18 Nov








DISCLAIMER: the images are not mine.

Oh boy…

5 Sep

is what I thought when read this Mashable post…  I was like whatever, nothing will beat Pinerest… then I clicked on the video preview.  Hmm. Then I clicked on the website’s link. Hmmm…. then I saw the Sign Up button, I thought why not give it a try. Signed up. First thing I noticed is the design is pretty good, wonderful GUI… and FRESH things on there that I havent seen on Pinterest yet. Well this site have caught my eye. already “loved” 20+ things in 30 mins. while Pinterest still have my vote still, and I have 1,406 pins, I might be pinned out. While I still have inspiration there at Pinterest, it’s time to add new inspiration at Love It. Give it a try!

Gotta remember, social media is always changing..

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