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This show reminds me not to…

11 Dec

I hate needles

Intervention is my reminder on why I don’t wanna go down that path

Teen mom and 16 and pregnant is my form of birth control, even tho I’m not a teen

Kitchen nightmares makes me not want to eat at restaurants because makes me think, you don’t know what’s really goes on back in the kitchen. It’s safer to eat at home.

Catfish is a reminder not to date online. You don’t really know who you are talking to behind the screen til you meet them in person and find out that person is totally different and does not meet your expectations ( speaking from my past)


My Thoughts on Teen Mom 2…

28 Nov

from the latest eppy (11/26/12)

  • Chelsea, you don’t need Adam, ring or not, he still acts the same,
  • Adam is tooooooo busy to go to his own daughter’s birthday party. That’s a no no for me!
  • Oh so he did show up but still doesn’t mean anything, he still acting like he don’t want you
  • Janelle, you need to step up and be a MOTHER to your son, make him a priority first before your partying ways.
  • The law is NOT gonna care about the concert, u did the crime u do the time when they say u have to, that’s all on you, your fault. You are the one who cause this to happen.
  • Now you expect your mom to bail you out??? Why, so you can just go right back and mess up again??? No.
  • Two thumbs up to Jordan for being father-like to Isaac!


16 Sep

I repeat,they come up with stupid movies these days hard to ind good ones these days

gotta do some java homework before the due date tomorrow, been too busy to get ahead.

gotta do housework today too, laundry and dishes. sucks to do them, but will feel better once it’s done

I want to move around the furniture, have to convince S/O to do so.

the dog needs a bath

cant wait to get new scrap goodies this week

looking forward to going to the pork festival this weekend

oo I have Invention on my DVR, plan to watch that


2 Sep
  • I woke up a wee bit too early @ 5:45 am, maybe nap time in the future
  • watched Dr Phil
  • learned how to use extract tool in Photoshop Elements. Cool!!
  • started a scrap page
  • threw dinner in the crockpot….  (corn, kindey & chili beans, rice , v8, onions tomatoes, green peppers, worcestershire  sauce)
  • struggled with the scrap page, not loving it…
  • ohhh saw Raising Izzie is finally closed captioned, watched it (GMC channel)
  • next movie is Trinty Goodheart… watched it too,
  • still not loving the page. noticed when I do dog pages I have a hard time with it
  • made fruit slushy. yummy
  • comes back to the page and finally got satisfied with it!
  • now the Heartland is on GMC channel, looks good. Might have to start watching it.
  • now I’m off to do some more scrapping or work with Java…

Pacey!!!<3 (well maybe it’s more about Dawson)

21 Aug

!!!!  I just found out James Van Der Beek is on a new series!!!

I LOVED Dawson’s Creek back in my teen years! Still do. It’s pretty much the only show that’s stuck in my heart. My first TV love. I watched it faithfully every Wednesday on the WB channel. I admired Joey, screamed Pacey’s name, (my mom thought i was crazy,thought i was hurt, but nope I was just rooting for Pacey lol) sobbed when Mitch died.(next morning, AC’s Grandma passed away). No other show can top my love for Dawson’s Creek. My only TV on DVD series that is complete.



So anyway every time i see the cast in a series or movie,Ii have to watch it and  just saw that Dawson is in “Dont Trust the B—- in Apt 21” so I’m watching the full eppy on ABC.com (which is CC yay!) Seeing Dawson in the show made my heart skip a beat!

mmmm Dean Cain’s in this eppy too, Not bad so far… hmm this show is not bad, hope it stay on!! The season premerie is on Oct  23, 9:30, ABC

here’s a quote from Apt 23:

Have my baby, Dawson!

that goes for me too!

Wait! now I found this…

Coming out Sept 21! looks like it’s a limited release but I’ll make sure I watch it 🙂

Any more Dawson Creek fanatics out there??

ok, I’m gonna watch more eppys! 🙂

(made the two pages wayyyyy back in 2007 so not sure who to credit)

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