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a small quote…

2 Dec

“sometimes you think you know the person, but you really don’t know what really goes on in the inside”


just a thought…

12 Nov

Daughter Fails ‘Gender Bias’ Worksheet, Makes Dad Proud [PHOTO]
just feel like this is wrong for the school to do this

Jalonta Freeman Pays $200 For ‘iPad’ That’s Actually Just A Mirror

This is why i always buy my tech toys or ANYTHING at a store and pay full prive so i  know i’m getting the real thing. also i feel like it’s not right, comapanys should get full profits for their products

and some randomness:

  • i love the “check all” button when it comes to games, LOVE it. soooo much easier
  • sometimes when i check Pinerest in the morning and i find a recipe, i don’t only pin it, i get up and make it at that moment
  • and the buffalo chicken was good (from the recipe above)


9 Nov

wish alllll videos on line was closed captioned

Didn’t know that Tim Allen was on Last Man Standing, loved him in home improvement

Dishes are boring but it’s better when I watch Hulu on the kindle while doing them

Easy open package, whatever, I’m still using the scioors, love the kitchen scioors

Tuna quesadilla and baked potato for dinner. Yum!

I’m a paper plate hog, have to have more than 1

Feels like my mind has 4 wheels….

8 Nov

and it’s running fast. a bit overwhelmed here. just wanna to everything but can’t do it all at once, not enough time in the day. like I start to do something and keep getting distracted by things that pop up. hopefully I will be able to let some of that energy out asap

I got a new Roku, love it, haven’t really played with it tho (read above)

Then I got a new laptop thanks to my SO ❤ It was an early Christmas for me. Love it!! and loving Windows 8, I like the start page. it’s a bit different from all of the previous Windows. I’m still customizing it to my satisfaction,  hopefully I can so that soon… like tonight  (again read above)

One thing I wish Windows 8 had is a Facebook app and a lot others, but I’m sure they are still working on getting more apps into the Windows store.

Now I feel like that’s enough tech toys for now, iPhone, Kindle, Roku, lappy is plenty for me and top on that I have Netflix and Hulu etc…

ok.. now i’m gonna play now 🙂

Stuff I used to do in my childhood…

26 Oct
  • Squeezing pop cans when Idrank pop
  • Leave tissues all over the place
  • Got picked on about singing R. Kelly’s I believe I can fly
  • Threw up on someone’s shoes when I was 8 and that story still get told to this day
  •  Watched music videos allll the time
  • had my camera with me all the time

Every child needs a father…. But

23 Oct

Don’t know what’s worst: having no father in your life, knowing he’s out there or…

Having a father around who’s abusive or neglect you.

Also I have this thought.. If a woman has a boyfriend or husband and know he will be mean to their children before having children, then why have a child with him in the first place?

Or this, didn’t know he would be abusive beforehand, but know he abuses your children, why stay with him?? Who comes first, him or the children??

For me it’s kids first hands down

Either way… It impacts the child’s life. Think about it

Randomness of the day….

19 Oct

Marlee Martin has a new iPhone app that teaches some basic ASL. Pretty cool

Huh? There’s a movie coming out that’s based on the hungry hippo game.. Oookayyyy
Also I think I saw a movie coming out based on Dora…
Finally watched children of the corn for the first time, not bad.
I’m sooooo burned out on chicken
Oh and I have grown to have a addiction to butterstoch and bacon bits. But not together lol

Randomness: Facebook Statuses from today

26 Sep

Me: I cant see the clock to see the time, so i walk in the other room to check the time, come back, and see that my phone was beside me the whole time. you know, the phone that has everything including a clock… lmao.

well that’s a sign that Java is messing up my brain! lol

AC’s Status

If you ever start to feel depressed about how dirty your house is, just watch Hoarders. You’ll feel better about yourself in seconds.

Me: or go to other ppl’s house lol

Randomness: Atlas

25 Sep
Was planning to sit out back and read my kindle and let Atlas play for a bit but its COLD!! So doubt I’ll stay out here for long. Hello Fall!
seconds later
Apparently he thought it was cold too so he wanted in, then went to the fridge, saying (in doggy language) “mommy, I know there’s a a bone up there, give it to me”. Lol 
P.S. Atlas says Hi Herbie!!

A memory of mine….

24 Sep



credits: Frozen in time quickpage by Suzy Q

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