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Long time no see…

16 Dec

So, I passed Java! that is like a Christmas gift to me. that is off my shoulders. Whew!

Next is PHP class. my last class til graduation. actually looking forward to it.

Now I’m on Christmas break, trying to find a way to be productive during this time but nothing yet.

I accidentally deleted 5,000 pics from my hard drives, eek was so upset. I was able to recover 2,500+ of them. Makes me realize that need to print the pics or actually scrap them more often. always good to have doubles or triples, so on.

Christmas is soon!, it will start Saturday for us, then Sunday  then on Christmas Day. I got some wrapping done, but need to finish it. The second bedroom AKA the storage room is a mess, mostly filled with presents. plan to get that room straighten out after all the fun.

What’s sad is that 20 kids from Sandy Hook wont be able to open their presents, 20 parents will be without their kids this holiday season and so on, all over a selfish act. Very sad. They was just innocent 6 years old (and 7-year-old) This needs to be stopped! Make me realize it’s not safe anywhere anymore. Hold your children tight and cherish them.





16 Nov

still busy here, just wanted to pop in…

still finding new stuff for Windows 8 and iPhone both (appwise)

sad news, Twinkies may go out of business due to bankruptcy , this includes ding dongs and ho ho’s too. Grandma’s favorite is ding dong, she has one every night. i called her and she said “what will i do without ding dongs?” ” I’ll have to go back to Lil Debbie’s”

finally getting caught up with Greys, thanks to the Roku, makes it easier with a remote compared to the computer.

saw that Tim Burton is making his own version of Pinocchio. Hmmm not a fan of Tim Burton but we’ll see.

oh i watched  The Amazing Spiderman  the other day, I, myself thought it was better than the original


ok back to the Roku 🙂


12 Nov

Daughter Fails ‘Gender Bias’ Worksheet, Makes Dad Proud [PHOTO]
just feel like this is wrong for the school to do this

Jalonta Freeman Pays $200 For ‘iPad’ That’s Actually Just A Mirror

This is why i always buy my tech toys or ANYTHING at a store and pay full prive so i  know i’m getting the real thing. also i feel like it’s not right, comapanys should get full profits for their products

and some randomness:

  • i love the “check all” button when it comes to games, LOVE it. soooo much easier
  • sometimes when i check Pinerest in the morning and i find a recipe, i don’t only pin it, i get up and make it at that moment
  • and the buffalo chicken was good (from the recipe above)

Hello , my name’s Chels and I’m a baked potato addict :)

10 Nov

Such a sad thing, drunk driver kills a pregnant young woman in a wreck.  two lives are gone because of this careless act. when you get in a car after drinking, you not only have to worry about not getting pulled over, or getting YOURSELF hurt or have a bit of damage to YOUR car if wreck. No. You also have to think you can hurt/ take away another person(s) life!  just from this careless act.

and another video…

Every child needs a father…. But

23 Oct

Don’t know what’s worst: having no father in your life, knowing he’s out there or…

Having a father around who’s abusive or neglect you.

Also I have this thought.. If a woman has a boyfriend or husband and know he will be mean to their children before having children, then why have a child with him in the first place?

Or this, didn’t know he would be abusive beforehand, but know he abuses your children, why stay with him?? Who comes first, him or the children??

For me it’s kids first hands down

Either way… It impacts the child’s life. Think about it

STOP Bullying!

14 Oct


listen to what ppl say,

dont take it as a joke

or think “oh whatever”


you never know when that person is actually gone

because no one listened or helped.

she was a beautiful girl.

there was no need for this

and yes, quit bullying!

bullying hurts other people

and their self esteem

Once again, stop bullying, listen to your friends and family, and cherish the ones you have.


RIP Amanda Todd

Deaf in Court ( let your daughter speak for herself!!)

29 Sep

This pisses me off
1. Her mother keeps speaking for her
2. She’s 18, she can speak for herself!
3. her mom don’t know to communicate with her 9 think i remember her saying passing notes back and forth to communicate?? you had 18 years to learn ASL or at least use home signs!!!
4. The mother keeps saying she wants her daughter to be normal…. she is NORMAL! just can’t hear
5. The daughter WANTS to be at the Deaf institution, so LET her. in fact, she probably NEEDS it,as need to learn how to live in the deaf/hearing world, needs balance.
6. Yes her grades was probably low because she was having her first experiment in the deaf world, such as socializing, so that’s understandable in this case. just give her time and her grades will prob go back up. the point is the daughter was HAPPY where she was at.

7.  I’m thankful for mom and gran who learned and willing to communicate with me. You shouldnt have to use pen and paper with your PARENT!! other ppl, yes when it’s nesscary, but with your parents?? who you live with and see everyday 24/7??? ridiculous

Interesting Deaf Videos

11 Sep

while i’m against Cochlear Implants, i found this series interesting

Must Haves For the Deaf (at least for me anyway…)

4 Sep
  • ASL
  • Closed Captioning
  • Texting/phone
  • Internet/Instant Messaging
  • interpreters for appointments/ classes
  • Buzzcards app for iPhone. ( use this when i’m ordering at the restaurant)
  • pen & paper (for back up)
  • Most of all… support of the Deaf community!

( I get frustrated if I cant have access to any of those things)

Spreading The Word: Drive Carefully!

30 Aug

People drive reckless, speed and be careless, while they fail to remember the person in front/behind/side of them is a loved one. including YOURSELF. Think about thier family/friends grieving for years , a life lost, a future gone. Just because you was careless, trying to be cool, or drunk or whatever. Is it worth it??

I, too lost someone at 18 yrs old, he was killed in a car accident, just 3 months away our from high school graduation back in 2003. and to this day i still miss him, think about him.

I have car jitters, i hold on to the door handle when i think a car is too close.

Now the point to this post

This post gave me goosebumps and teary eyes. She asked to share and spread the word. So please read this post.. It’s not that bad, right??

and think, is it worth it??

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