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12 Jan

I’m currently taking a break from the Internet. Just feel like need a break, it’s just the same old shit on fb, all those quotes etc, just the same old, tired of it. Waiting for something new.

I’m currently trying out p365 this year, and done good so far. Trying not to take pics of Atlas everyday, and take pics of other life bits, I’m using the Day One app on my iPhone for that, love it!!

Oh I accidentally left my roku remote at grans. I was thinking oh crap! But luckily I thought about the roku app they keep advertising, tried it out, and it actually works!! As long it’s on the same wifi 🙂

I have 4 months to finish my my Final Project towards graduation. Already started studying, looking forward to see how it unfolds. I have a picture in my head of what I want like to look like.

Nowadays when I go to any restaurants these days, I’m thinking, I can make a better version of this good at home!! Why pay for the food while it don’t taste good and you don’t know what’s in it?? Guess that tells me I’m a good cook 🙂

Sitting here listening to mcCoughy, he’s sick with a cold…

There’s a hype right now that there’s a new tech out there, captioned glasses for movie theaters. I have yet to experince it, went to see the Hobbit and was planning to ask if they had them, then I told myself, I know better, they don’t have them so not gonna even ask. But one thing I was thinking… Why can’t deaf people own their own captioned glasses instead of depending on theaters to have them?


Total Randomness

4 Oct

Edward and Bella are gf/bf in real life- wow didn’t know that

Buffy has a baby boy

Tom and Katie split- she was my fave in

the Beckham baby is adorable!

YES!!! the Netflix app for iPhone has closed captioning!!! this make me happy!!

huh?? they still selling blackberry out there?? i though they was long gone….

there seem to be more eBooks out there now. that’s good

i’m liking the new Google Play

i predict that One Direction will take over the Justin Bieber hype soon

PACEY!!!!!!! News says that Katie holmes is reaching out to Joshua Jackson



Deaf in Court ( let your daughter speak for herself!!)

29 Sep

This pisses me off
1. Her mother keeps speaking for her
2. She’s 18, she can speak for herself!
3. her mom don’t know to communicate with her 9 think i remember her saying passing notes back and forth to communicate?? you had 18 years to learn ASL or at least use home signs!!!
4. The mother keeps saying she wants her daughter to be normal…. she is NORMAL! just can’t hear
5. The daughter WANTS to be at the Deaf institution, so LET her. in fact, she probably NEEDS it,as need to learn how to live in the deaf/hearing world, needs balance.
6. Yes her grades was probably low because she was having her first experiment in the deaf world, such as socializing, so that’s understandable in this case. just give her time and her grades will prob go back up. the point is the daughter was HAPPY where she was at.

7.  I’m thankful for mom and gran who learned and willing to communicate with me. You shouldnt have to use pen and paper with your PARENT!! other ppl, yes when it’s nesscary, but with your parents?? who you live with and see everyday 24/7??? ridiculous

Deaf Pride!

23 Sep


20 Sep
  • why do they come up with this pattern every year near the holidays, stuffies, cuddleUppets, dream lites, pillow pets? Pillow pets was enough as it’s the original
  • read that in 5-8 years, Facebook will be a thing of the past. well i know right now most of us cant live without Facebook. but there will be a next new thing by that time. just like MySpace was big, which now has faded
  • iOS 6 will be released on September 19th, for those who have iPhone and not planning to upgrade to iPhone 5 anytime soon
  • hmm i want buy a wireless charging pad for my iPhone
  • Windows 8 is to be released in October
  • There’s a chrome app for iPhone- downloading now, it’s cool!
  • there’s a new Chromebook coming out

Interesting Deaf Videos

11 Sep

while i’m against Cochlear Implants, i found this series interesting

Once again, the feature of the night is not CC….

8 Sep

Today I stopped at Redbox to what new movie they have… oohhh the stray, has a cute puppy on the cover, looks good. rented it

fast forward to this evening, popped the movie in…. annnnnnnnddd no subtitles. grrr.


5 Sep

Whoa, flashback! I was reading a blog post about closed captioning and he mentioned the old closed caption decoder that Deaf/ HOH had to use before the ADA law became in effect in 1993, stating that all new TV has to have closed captioning. I COMPLETELY forgot about this!  I used to have one.

Must Haves For the Deaf (at least for me anyway…)

4 Sep
  • ASL
  • Closed Captioning
  • Texting/phone
  • Internet/Instant Messaging
  • interpreters for appointments/ classes
  • Buzzcards app for iPhone. ( use this when i’m ordering at the restaurant)
  • pen & paper (for back up)
  • Most of all… support of the Deaf community!

( I get frustrated if I cant have access to any of those things)

Cool Videos!

1 Sep

This one has a great message

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