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Deaf in Court ( let your daughter speak for herself!!)

29 Sep

This pisses me off
1. Her mother keeps speaking for her
2. She’s 18, she can speak for herself!
3. her mom don’t know to communicate with her 9 think i remember her saying passing notes back and forth to communicate?? you had 18 years to learn ASL or at least use home signs!!!
4. The mother keeps saying she wants her daughter to be normal…. she is NORMAL! just can’t hear
5. The daughter WANTS to be at the Deaf institution, so LET her. in fact, she probably NEEDS it,as need to learn how to live in the deaf/hearing world, needs balance.
6. Yes her grades was probably low because she was having her first experiment in the deaf world, such as socializing, so that’s understandable in this case. just give her time and her grades will prob go back up. the point is the daughter was HAPPY where she was at.

7.  I’m thankful for mom and gran who learned and willing to communicate with me. You shouldnt have to use pen and paper with your PARENT!! other ppl, yes when it’s nesscary, but with your parents?? who you live with and see everyday 24/7??? ridiculous


Randomness: Movies to Watch

28 Sep

Parental Guidance

Monsters Inc 3D Dec 19

The Simpsons – the longest daycare yayaya

Wreck it Ralph- November 2

Paranormal Activity 4 Eekk


The Hobbit:the Unexpected Journey

Trouble with the curve

Cloud Atlas- Tom Hanks and it’s the name of my dog


The Breaking Dawn part 2 –just saw a better trailer,looks good!

Perfect Pitch – will watch anything with that actress from Bridesmaids

Randomness: Facebook & Apps

27 Sep
  • The term “Kid Hater” seems a little harsh to me. wow. I understand some people don’t like kids and don’t want any of their own, that’s fine. but the term ‘Kid Hater’?? wow,  just wow! Kids are innocent human beings! Saw the term on a post about the new extension and post states that parents are offended by the extension.Well the title for that post offends me!
  • There’s no need for “Cheat Tools” for the games on Facebook. The developers of the games work hard to make beautiful GUI and keep the games running and updated, and provide it for FREE. So take that in thought and don’t rip them off.
  • When I first heard about Google+ coming out before it was released, I was excited. Thought it was the next new thing. I did my part and promoted it. Then it came out, I signed up andddd eh… all  my friends are still on Facebook, so Google + don’t do much for me so Facebook’s still # 1 for me! It does have good GUI
  • I downloaded My Book List… while it’s a great idea, i think it’s designed poorly, There’s no Home tab to go back to, Pictures are choppy and so on…
  • Two thumbs up for ShopSavvy! Has a barcode scanner, can make your own list, has a list of shopping deals and can shop directly from the app (which i haven’t tried yet but i will)

Randomness: Facebook Statuses from today

26 Sep

Me: I cant see the clock to see the time, so i walk in the other room to check the time, come back, and see that my phone was beside me the whole time. you know, the phone that has everything including a clock… lmao.

well that’s a sign that Java is messing up my brain! lol

AC’s Status

If you ever start to feel depressed about how dirty your house is, just watch Hoarders. You’ll feel better about yourself in seconds.

Me: or go to other ppl’s house lol

Randomness: Atlas

25 Sep
Was planning to sit out back and read my kindle and let Atlas play for a bit but its COLD!! So doubt I’ll stay out here for long. Hello Fall!
seconds later
Apparently he thought it was cold too so he wanted in, then went to the fridge, saying (in doggy language) “mommy, I know there’s a a bone up there, give it to me”. Lol 
P.S. Atlas says Hi Herbie!!
24 Sep

A memory of mine….

24 Sep



credits: Frozen in time quickpage by Suzy Q

Deaf Pride!

23 Sep


22 Sep

Every time I open Feedly, I see those cool deals on kids clothes or sippy cups and think ooh i wanna buy.Now I don’t have kids, true I can buy them for the kids in my family, and I spoil them plenty, but I want to be able to use it on MY (future) kids. makes me think, when I have a baby, i will have a reason to and will buy those cute things for my kids. for now I need to tell myself I don’t need those cute things now.

yesterday i downloaded a free e book for kindle- Green Smoothie Magic. looks good, plan to try some recipes in there

ofc i downloaded the new iOS6 yesterday and been playing with ever since. It feels like i got a new phone. ALOT of cool new apps and alot of improvements. this update will hold off my craving for the iPhone 5. will do a post on this topic soon. but the gist of it, LOVE IT!

two days before iOS6,i got my replacement kindle and played with it all day that day. Happy i got it replaced. this is my third kindle, as the other 2 had damaged screen on one and exploded battery (i think). i like my kindle, but if this one breaks, NO MORE kindle for me. experienced problems one too many.will switch to iPad after this one. on another note, i read that Walmart is planning to stop selling kindles, old and new versions

TV Lineup

21 Sep

Switched at Birth – Sept 3rd 8 pm ABC Family


Don’t Trust that b—- in Apt 23 -PREMIERE TUESDAY OCT 23 9:30 ABC


*How to live with your Parents- COMING IN 2013 ABC

2 Broke Girls premeries Sept 24 8:30 CBS

Dr Phil- Sept 10 CBS

Biggest Loser – ??? NBC

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