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Long time no see…

16 Dec

So, I passed Java! that is like a Christmas gift to me. that is off my shoulders. Whew!

Next is PHP class. my last class til graduation. actually looking forward to it.

Now I’m on Christmas break, trying to find a way to be productive during this time but nothing yet.

I accidentally deleted 5,000 pics from my hard drives, eek was so upset. I was able to recover 2,500+ of them. Makes me realize that need to print the pics or actually scrap them more often. always good to have doubles or triples, so on.

Christmas is soon!, it will start Saturday for us, then Sunday  then on Christmas Day. I got some wrapping done, but need to finish it. The second bedroom AKA the storage room is a mess, mostly filled with presents. plan to get that room straighten out after all the fun.

What’s sad is that 20 kids from Sandy Hook wont be able to open their presents, 20 parents will be without their kids this holiday season and so on, all over a selfish act. Very sad. They was just innocent 6 years old (and 7-year-old) This needs to be stopped! Make me realize it’s not safe anywhere anymore. Hold your children tight and cherish them.




Randomness: Facebook Statuses from today

26 Sep

Me: I cant see the clock to see the time, so i walk in the other room to check the time, come back, and see that my phone was beside me the whole time. you know, the phone that has everything including a clock… lmao.

well that’s a sign that Java is messing up my brain! lol

AC’s Status

If you ever start to feel depressed about how dirty your house is, just watch Hoarders. You’ll feel better about yourself in seconds.

Me: or go to other ppl’s house lol

Java is PITA!

19 Sep

a real PITA

i already failed this class once

but now i’m doing good

but i hit a wall with it

teacher said it’s trail and error

just like photoshop is

but  i have no real time to mess with trail and error for 6 weeks

my grade depends on it

i went to class last week to listen to the lecture to see of it will help

not really

the man sitting next to me was soooooooooooo frustrated

saying that he wants to change his major

then said no i want to figure this out

and kept going back and forth saying one of either thing

boy, he was really frustrated

like i said Java is a PITA!!!

but will get thru it!

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