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12 Jan

I’m currently taking a break from the Internet. Just feel like need a break, it’s just the same old shit on fb, all those quotes etc, just the same old, tired of it. Waiting for something new.

I’m currently trying out p365 this year, and done good so far. Trying not to take pics of Atlas everyday, and take pics of other life bits, I’m using the Day One app on my iPhone for that, love it!!

Oh I accidentally left my roku remote at grans. I was thinking oh crap! But luckily I thought about the roku app they keep advertising, tried it out, and it actually works!! As long it’s on the same wifi ūüôā

I have 4 months to finish my my Final Project towards graduation. Already started studying, looking forward to see how it unfolds. I have a picture in my head of what I want like to look like.

Nowadays when I go to any restaurants these days, I’m thinking, I can make a better version of this good at home!! Why pay for the food while it don’t taste good and you don’t know what’s in it?? Guess that tells me I’m a good cook ūüôā

Sitting here listening to mcCoughy, he’s sick with a cold…

There’s a hype right now that there’s a new tech out there, captioned glasses for movie theaters. I have yet to experince it, went to see the Hobbit and was planning to ask if they had them, then I told myself, I know better, they don’t have them so not gonna even ask. But one thing I was thinking… Why can’t deaf people own their own captioned glasses instead of depending on theaters to have them?


Southwest Black Bean Chili

14 Sep

I was watching a video of Rachael Ray making this, i was like hmm that sounds good. so I played the video again and wrote down the ingredients I saw her put in the pot and got up and started making it

Southwest Black Bean Chili

(adapted from¬†Rachael¬†Ray’s recipe)

  • Drizzle¬†Vegetable¬†oil¬†or¬†EVOO ( whatever your¬†preference) in a sauce pan
  • add 1 lb¬†of¬†ground beef
  • add¬†Worcestershire¬†sauce
  • brown the ground beef
  • add salt/pepper
  • add chili powder
  • add onion¬†powder
  • add garlic powder
  • add green peppers
  • add onions
  • add beef broth
  • add black beans
  • add salsa

combine the ingredients (make sure you are stirring often while adding the ingredients)

and you get a yummy dinner!


2 Sep
  • I woke up a wee bit too early @ 5:45 am, maybe nap time in the future
  • watched¬†Dr¬†Phil
  • learned how to use extract tool in Photoshop Elements. Cool!!
  • started a scrap page
  • threw dinner in the crockpot….¬†¬†(corn, kindey & chili beans, rice , v8, onions tomatoes, green peppers, worcestershire¬† sauce)
  • struggled with the scrap page, not loving it…
  • ohhh saw Raising Izzie is finally closed captioned, watched it (GMC channel)
  • next movie is Trinty Goodheart… watched it too,
  • still not loving the page. noticed when I do dog pages I have a hard time with it
  • made¬†fruit¬†slushy. yummy
  • comes back to the page and finally got¬†satisfied¬†with it!
  • now the Heartland is on GMC channel, looks good. Might have to start watching it.
  • now I’m off to do some more scrapping or work with Java…

Sausage & Cheese Quesadilla

23 Aug

Ready for a quick dinner idea?

Last week I needed to make a quick dinner before I went out of town for a few hrs.

S/O: What’s for dinner?

Me: I think i’m gonna make Quesadilla¬†with¬†Sausage.

Him: YESSS!!!! ( doing the gesture with his arm)

then Sausage & Cheese Quesadilla it is!

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Brown a whole roll of ground sausage
  • On a 13 x 9 baking pan, ¬†spray with Pam or any cooking spray
  • Lay 1 or 2 ¬†(or however many you want) Flour Burrito sized Tortillas on the pan
  • Sprinkle shredded cheese all over¬†the tortillas ¬†( I used mild cheddar)
  • Add the browned sausage to half of the tortillas
  • Then fold the tortillas halfwise (¬†should¬†be layered like this: cheese, sausage ,cheese)
  • Bake for 3-4 mins

then enjoy!

(This can be for breakfast as well)

Chicken in a Bag #2

22 Aug

Ok,¬†I¬†haven’t done a food post for a while so it’s time for one! ¬†Here you go foodies!

This not really a recipe, more like a idea for dinner.

Since I¬†tried Kraft’s Fresh Take, I liked it, ¬†I made my own version as you can see here:¬†https://ccray85.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/chicken-in-a-bag/.

(as i’m writing this post, S/O texts me with dinner plans: BBQ Chicken lol).

Anyway, then I came up with this.

  • Thaw out 3-6 Chicken Breasts in a freezer sized ziploc bag (if needed)

(if¬†don’t¬†need to thaw out, just put the chicken in the bag) then….

  • Add¬†marinade of your choice. ¬†(can be a bottle of marinade or¬†marinade¬†seasoning mix, just follow directions on the package)
  • Pop the chicken in a bag in the fridge for a few hrs and let it soak in the¬†marinade.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • On a 13 x 9 baking pan, line with foil, spray with Pam or any cooking spray (the foil is my preference¬†)
  • Bake for 35 mins

then enjoy the yumminess!

Hard Boiled Egg

17 Aug

I have always loved hard boiled eggs. But when it comes to cooking them, I always ¬†fail. They was either¬†under-cooked¬†or overcooked and end up in the trash. Frustrating. I gave up and accepted the fact that I couldn’t master this.


I saw this trick on Pinerest today and tried it…

Hard Boiled Egg

  • preheat oven to 325 degrees
  • put eggs in a muffin tin (as is)
  • bake for 30 mins
  • run cold water over it

and voila! A perfect hard boiled egg!!!

Easy to peel too!

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