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Netflix marathon

27 Nov

Watching Payback, Mel Gibson is one of my fave actors. It was ok, 3/5

Have chili in the crockpot, can’t wait to eat. Yum!

Now watching We Were Soldiers, goose bumps. Teary eyes at the end… 4/5

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, off to a weird start. Ok this movie is just weird, this is why I didn’t watch it in the first place, still not finished with it…

To be continued….


Southwest Black Bean Chili

14 Sep

I was watching a video of Rachael Ray making this, i was like hmm that sounds good. so I played the video again and wrote down the ingredients I saw her put in the pot and got up and started making it

Southwest Black Bean Chili

(adapted from Rachael Ray’s recipe)

  • Drizzle Vegetable oil or EVOO ( whatever your preference) in a sauce pan
  • add 1 lb of ground beef
  • add Worcestershire sauce
  • brown the ground beef
  • add salt/pepper
  • add chili powder
  • add onion powder
  • add garlic powder
  • add green peppers
  • add onions
  • add beef broth
  • add black beans
  • add salsa

combine the ingredients (make sure you are stirring often while adding the ingredients)

and you get a yummy dinner!

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