Deaf in Court ( let your daughter speak for herself!!)

29 Sep

This pisses me off
1. Her mother keeps speaking for her
2. She’s 18, she can speak for herself!
3. her mom don’t know to communicate with her 9 think i remember her saying passing notes back and forth to communicate?? you had 18 years to learn ASL or at least use home signs!!!
4. The mother keeps saying she wants her daughter to be normal…. she is NORMAL! just can’t hear
5. The daughter WANTS to be at the Deaf institution, so LET her. in fact, she probably NEEDS it,as need to learn how to live in the deaf/hearing world, needs balance.
6. Yes her grades was probably low because she was having her first experiment in the deaf world, such as socializing, so that’s understandable in this case. just give her time and her grades will prob go back up. the point is the daughter was HAPPY where she was at.

7.  I’m thankful for mom and gran who learned and willing to communicate with me. You shouldnt have to use pen and paper with your PARENT!! other ppl, yes when it’s nesscary, but with your parents?? who you live with and see everyday 24/7??? ridiculous


One Response to “Deaf in Court ( let your daughter speak for herself!!)”

  1. Linda Nicola September 30, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    A parent who doesn’t talk to her child would be accused of child abuse if she were hearing. I agree…learn to sign and talk to your daughter.

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