Randomness: Facebook & Apps

27 Sep
  • The term “Kid Hater” seems a little harsh to me. wow. I understand some people don’t like kids and don’t want any of their own, that’s fine. but the term ‘Kid Hater’?? wow,  just wow! Kids are innocent human beings! Saw the term on a post about the new extension UnBaby.me and post states that parents are offended by the Unbaby.me extension.Well the title for that post offends me!
  • There’s no need for “Cheat Tools” for the games on Facebook. The developers of the games work hard to make beautiful GUI and keep the games running and updated, and provide it for FREE. So take that in thought and don’t rip them off.
  • When I first heard about Google+ coming out before it was released, I was excited. Thought it was the next new thing. I did my part and promoted it. Then it came out, I signed up andddd eh… all  my friends are still on Facebook, so Google + don’t do much for me so Facebook’s still # 1 for me! It does have good GUI
  • I downloaded My Book List… while it’s a great idea, i think it’s designed poorly, There’s no Home tab to go back to, Pictures are choppy and so on…
  • Two thumbs up for ShopSavvy! Has a barcode scanner, can make your own list, has a list of shopping deals and can shop directly from the app (which i haven’t tried yet but i will)

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