22 Sep

Every time I open Feedly, I see those cool deals on kids clothes or sippy cups and think ooh i wanna buy.Now I don’t have kids, true I can buy them for the kids in my family, and I spoil them plenty, but I want to be able to use it on MY (future) kids. makes me think, when I have a baby, i will have a reason to and will buy those cute things for my kids. for now I need to tell myself I don’t need those cute things now.

yesterday i downloaded a free e book for kindle- Green Smoothie Magic. looks good, plan to try some recipes in there

ofc i downloaded the new iOS6 yesterday and been playing with ever since. It feels like i got a new phone. ALOT of cool new apps and alot of improvements. this update will hold off my craving for the iPhone 5. will do a post on this topic soon. but the gist of it, LOVE IT!

two days before iOS6,i got my replacement kindle and played with it all day that day. Happy i got it replaced. this is my third kindle, as the other 2 had damaged screen on one and exploded battery (i think). i like my kindle, but if this one breaks, NO MORE kindle for me. experienced problems one too many.will switch to iPad after this one. on another note, i read that Walmart is planning to stop selling kindles, old and new versions


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