20 Sep
  • why do they come up with this pattern every year near the holidays, stuffies, cuddleUppets, dream lites, pillow pets? Pillow pets was enough as it’s the original
  • read that in 5-8 years, Facebook will be a thing of the past. well i know right now most of us cant live without Facebook. but there will be a next new thing by that time. just like MySpace was big, which now has faded
  • iOS 6 will be released on September 19th, for those who have iPhone and not planning to upgrade to iPhone 5 anytime soon
  • hmm i want buy a wireless charging pad for my iPhone
  • Windows 8 is to be released in October
  • There’s a chrome app for iPhone- downloading now, it’s cool!
  • there’s a new Chromebook coming out

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