A Weight Watchers post

13 Sep

I ‘m on a diet  where I just watch what i eat and move around/ and exercise more. my tendency is eat  at 8am, noon, then dinner at 5 pm and nothing else after that and watch portion sizes. Eat til i’m full, don’t overeat. I would like to add, months ago I was addicted to Frappes, from any restaurants even made my own, drank it all the time hence the weight gain ( which now i lost) yesterday i went to Burger King and got a small frappe and found that i could only drink half of it it maybe even less! then i trashed it. same thing happened last week. so that tells me i’m doing good!

I never use the real weight watchers program but i had their book ( which i gave away because i never used it) and now i found a free Weight watchers point calculator I can use. gonna list some stats here:

My total points available per day: 26 pts

  • Carnation Breakfast Essentials – 4 pts
  • Crystal Light Peach Tea – 0 pts
  • Taco Bell’s Chicken Soft Taco – 4 pts
  • Steak – 6 pts
  • McDoanlds McChicken – 8 pts
  • Donatos Founder’s Pizza- 3 pts for 1/4 cup
  • Donatos Garlic Cheesy Bread 1 pts for  1/4 cup
  • Fruit Slushy- 2 pts
  • Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich- 16 pts EEKKKK!!!

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