Wanna get rid of the pile of old schoolbooks??

9 Sep

I had a pile of school books, been meaning to take them to the book buy back my college has one week a quarter. But i’m always like ugh i dont feel like dragging myself out there and do it. so the books just adds up and sits in a pile, untouched. Then… i saw a post on lifehacker i think… and found BookFinder. it asks for the ISBN # and tells you the worth of the book and lets you compare stores who will buy it back from you. some books are worthless and others you hit the jackpot! depending on the books you have. It’s easy to do, set it up with the store, find a box to put the books in, print the label  they email you, seal the box with the label, drop it off at your local UPS, FedEx dropoff location or whetever the store says to send it and then you will get a check!

Oh also Gazelle.com will buy back your old iPhone, i’m doing this also 🙂


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