Teachers Abusing Students is a NO NO

29 Aug

Just saw a post  on Twitter that has me ticked. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/24/willie-swindle-special-ed_n_1826127.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003

No this does not apply to all the teachers out there. I’m going from what I’ve seen and heard throughout the years.

Teachers abusing student in Special Education classes. They have NO right to do harm to the students. It seems like teachers feel like the students are defenseless and it’s OK to harm them, they wont tell and /or can’t defend themselves. NO it’s not OK! They have feelings too just like anybody else! if the teachers can’t handle the situation…they  SHOULDN”T teach! They should not take advantage of the fact that the students might be defenseless/helpless.

Authority and Parents: LISTEN to the students. If they tell you a teacher is doing something wrong, look into it before there is more harm done. Don’t just push it under the rug and ignore it.

Another thing that bothers me is that when  authority KNOW there was a situation of abuse and STILL let them teach after the fact. Or just take away their Special Education licence, but still let them teach in general where they can possibly still harm the other students. HELLO!!!



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