24 Aug

One day, I was watching TV then I noticed the volume is at the normal spot. I can’t hear it. so I turned it up full blast to 100. Still can’t hear it. I CAN”T HEAR!! I was FREAKING OUT. I was frustrated for a few days. then I realized that I lost more of my hearing… to the point where I’m full deaf…

And along came the Tinnitus… just an ongoing ringing. You are waiting for it to stop but… it just doesn’t

Even thought to myself, is this what full deaf supposed to be like?? then I asked my deaf friends and they said they said they don’t have ringing in their ears. Hmm…

I’m deaf and been having tinnitus since 2008 and had it ever since. can be bothersome but i learned how to deal with it. think i got mine from listening to my iPod too loud. I was Hard of Hearing then became full deaf and the tinnitus came at the same time. I did some research MANY times, there ‘s no real cure for it, which sucks.

I finally went to the ENT doctor after months to take a hearing test to confirm that I was deaf. It was confirmed. He said that my hearing has went wayyyyy down. It didn’t bother me. I was happy to have to officially confirmed and ready to accept the fact. Then I asked him about the tinnitus, he basically said exactly what I been researching. there’s no cure for it, avoid  salt, alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin. Yeah yeah I knew that already. Then he said maybe I should consider cochlear implant. As I was watching her interpret what the doctor was saying she had an expression on her face as she fingerspells cochlear implant. NOPE. Deaf Pride here! 🙂

As for hearing aids, I hate them. I wore them k-12 in school. Gave me headaches all the time, even made me vomit because the headaches was so bad.

Being deaf don’t bother me. I grew up with the language, already have support from the deaf community. What bothers me is the ringing in my ears.


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