Randomness: Movie Bits

17 Aug

First of all:

I would like say thanks to my readers! since I started this blog I noticed there was no comments, It didn’t bother me, just thought well give it time. Then last night I was playing around on here and I saw that I DID have comments all along! Made my night ūüôā They are approved now, and I’ll keep a eye on that area to make sure I¬†don’t¬†miss anything,¬†don’t¬†want you guys to feel¬†ignored. ¬†ūüôā

also as you might notice, yes i’m working on my blog to make it pretty and figuring this all out.

Now moving on to today’s post:


Where was I in 1982?:¬†I¬†wasn’t¬†born yet

I’m looking forward to watch: Sparkle, ParaNorman, Odd Life of Timothy Green, and Hunger Games

ooooohhhh!!!:  Avengers 2 coming out May 1st 2015! still have to watch the 1st one though  lol

Yeah, i think it’s time to watch¬†Titanic¬†again

Eh, I was never crazy about The Breakfast Club

I have yet to watch: ¬†Breakfast At Tiffany’s, I should

Gerard Depardieu: I only have watched one of his movie, Green Card (1990) was a fave. i should watch this again too.

Johnny Depp was my fave actor back in the Benny & Joon (1993) days, but nowadays, not so much

ooooohhhh!!!: also gotta check out the new Snow White movie

dunno why,¬†but i’m not a fan of Micheal Cera

gotta check out: Why Stop Now, The Awakening, Ted, 21 Jump Street, & Cabin in the Woods

I’m not into: zombie movies

I thought: Shaun of the Dead was really stupid

hmm, Toy Story Toons??


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